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SIO 217D: Atmospheric and Climate Sciences IV:
Atmospheric Chemistry

Winter 2014

Instructor: Lynn Russell
Lecture: Tu/Th 2:00-3:20pm (Spiess 330) (4 Credits) 
Office Hours: TBA


Current climate change uncertainties highlight the role of multiphase reactions in catalyzing new processes in the atmosphere, requiring a new dimension in our measurements and modelling of atmospheric chemistry. This course provides an introduction to the constituents and time scales of chemistry in the troposphere and stratosphere, with a focus on the role of aerosols.   The underlying principles of reaction mechanisms, thermodynamic equilibria, and gas-particle interactions will be used to provide the fundamental tools needed to understand atmospheric chemistry.

Lecture Notes:

  1. Particle Size and Deposition
  2. Settling Velocity
  3. Mass Transfer
  4. Aerosol Dynamics
  5. Aerosol Model Demo
  6. Kohler Theory
  7. Classic Cloud Observations
  8. Recent Cloud Observations
  9. Aqueous Chemistry
  10. Draft Final Exam Questions


  1. Kevin's Abstract and Slides
  2. Ryan's Abstract and Slides
  3. Jun's Abstract and Slides
  4. Kylee's Abstract and Slides
  5. Nicole's Abstract and Slides
  6. Weijie's Abstract and Slides

Journal Papers:

  1. Clark and Whitby 1967
  2. Hoppel et al 1990
  3. Leaitch et al 1992

Course Textbook and Reserves:

Course Textbook (Available at SIO/Aquarium Bookstore):