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SIO 217D: Atmospheric and Climate Sciences IV:
Atmospheric Chemistry

Spring 2011

Instructor: Lynn Russell
Lecture: Mo/We 9:30-10:50am (Spiess 330) (4 Credits) 
Office Hours: Mo/We 10:50-noon and by appointment.


Current climate change uncertainties highlight the role of multiphase reactions in catalyzing new processes in the atmosphere, requiring a new dimension in our measurements and modelling of atmospheric chemistry. This course provides an introduction to the constituents and time scales of chemistry in the troposphere and stratosphere, with a focus on the role of aerosols.   The underlying principles of reaction mechanisms, thermodynamic equilibria, and gas-particle interactions will be used to provide the fundamental tools needed to understand atmospheric chemistry.  Students will use MATlab-based codes to quantify these interactions as part of term projects.

Course Requirement (Term Projects):

  1. See 217d 2009 for example projects.

Course Textbook and Reserves:

Course Textbook (Available at SIO/Aquarium Bookstore):