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SIO 209: Organic Aerosols in the Atmosphere

Fall 2009

Instructor: Lynn Russell

Student Coordinator: Lelia Hawkins
Seminar Course (1 Credit)
Fall 2009 Fridays 4:00 - 5:00 pm NH 327


  • Course Topics: The topics covered in this seminar course are based on current research in organic aerosol chemistry. Students will be expected to give one 30-40 minute presentation on their current research with emphasis on literature comparisons in order to demonstrate the relevance of the new knowledge or understanding, as it pertains to organic aerosol sources and transformations. The course will also include seminars by UCSD researchers and world experts, including one speaker invited by the class. Presenters will expect participants to be familiar with organic and inorganic chemistry, aerosol-cloud interactions, and the current literature. Attendance at seminars is mandatory since missing a class can result in a lowered participation grade and missing a presentation relevant to one’s own presentation.
  • Objectives: This course will teach skills for evaluating new research in the context of previous literature.
  • SIO209 Syllabus Fall 2009